Optimum Multisport – A Triathlon Coaching based on Sports Science. “We understand that every athlete is different, so we focus on optimizing your strength, minimize injury and improving your weaknesses for Optimal Performance!” – Coach Nori

Program and Services

  • I. Running Analysis
  • II. Triathlon Coaching
  • III. Athlete Recovery Session/Sports Therapy
  • IV. Strength and Conditioning
  • V. Sports Lab Testing

I. Running Analysis

Running is incredibly effective in increasing your overall health. It is the most common participated sport, due to its affordability and convenience; it is also one of the sports with the most injuries. OCT’s running analysis will give you the information and tools you need to decrease injuries, increase efficiency, and experience a more enjoyable running. Our focus is on the key principles of posture, position, and cadence. With our latest acquisition of ViPerform, we are able to give you cues on your form while in motion to improve running.

Our Running Analysis aims to improve your running form, efficiency and endurance, as well as prevent injuries and pain. Our new state of the art technology that analyzes your running performance is here! We are the only clinic in Southern California that uses ViPerfom in conjunction with a complete video analysis system for accurate biomechanical gait training. ViPerform offers the most advanced technology that allows analysis and measurement of body mechanics while in motion by gathering data through wireless sensor.The real time data allows us to identify movement related problems, impairments and inefficiencies that affect athlete’s ability to perform. Currently ViPerform is the standard assessment tool for LA Clippers and several NFL teams. Whether you want to prevent injury or improve your performance, Optimum Care Therapy can help athletes of all levels achieve their goals.

How it works

You will perform a variety of tests, exercises and video analysis to determine your overall biomechanics, range of motion, mobility and strength. At the end of your session, you’re given a detailed report of your structural, soft tissue deficiencies, movement pattern insufficiencies and dysfunctions that may limit your performance and increase your predisposition to injury. You may also receive recommendations, such as corrective exercises, running form modification, appropriate footwear recommendations, etc. Follow-up sessions are key to maintaining your progress, keeping your form flawless, and helping you stay pain-free for the long term.

This test is good for: Runners, High School and College Athletes, Triathletes, Competitive Runners, Fun Runners, Soccer Player.

What’s Measured?

  • Leg Symmetry
  • Average Ground Reaction Force
  • (L&R Leg)
  • Average Initial Peak Acceleration
  • Average Ground Contact Time
  • (L&R Leg)

DorsaVi Packages:

A. Initial Running Assessment $99 (45 min. session)
• DorsaVi (see attached sample report) Raw data on your GRF, G force during initial contact, symmetry on mid stance measured while jogging, running, sprinting and acceleration/deceleration.
• Extensive Video Analysis with recommendations (see attached sample report)
• May include a short Physical Therapy assessment or treatment as needed

B. Follow-up Assessment $50,
• Allows you to see improvements on recommended form correction or performance enhancement

C. Prepaid Initial Running Assessment with Follow-up test $120 (Package A and B)
• We recommend that you schedule your follow –up at least 6-8 wks.
after your Initial assessment

D. Shoe Fave $99
• Want to know which shoe allows you to perform more efficiently? Bring 3 of your favorite running shoes and compare data. Will make deciding easier for you!

(Call or e-mail us if you have any questions).

II. Triathlon Coaching

Performance Plan

Option 1 – Perfomance Plan is best suited for independent athletes who are looking to have “structured plan” only and does not need the constant feedback or 1:1 session with a coach. This plan is available for beginners, intermediate and advance athletes who have a set goal and races from Sprint distance to Ironman distance triathlon or 5km to 26.2 miles Marathon event. This plan does allow constant communication with an assigned Coach.

Triathlon Training Plan:

  • Fitness Screen Test and Assessment (1st month only)
  • Swim video analysis 1:1 in pool on the (1st month only)
  • DorsaVi Wireless Sensor technology Run analysis and Run Test, (1st month only)
  • Bike FTP test or Zone setting), (1st month only)
  • Individualized bi-monthly plan upload via Training Peaks
  • 1 x month plan modification
  • Basic nutritional consultation
  • Free to join occasional training with affiliated team and tri club
  • Weekly e-mail/text message

Premium Plan

Option 2 – Premium Plan is for those athlete who either needs 1:1 focused session with their Coach or who wants to take their performance to the next level! This is a personalized and customized plan based on your fitness and athletic background, family and work schedule, short term and long term goal. You will get constant feedback with your coach regarding your strength and weakness backed by evidence based exercise science, exercise physiology and injury preventative approach to achieve Optimal Performance.

Triathlon Training Plan:

  • Fitness Screen Test and Assessment (1st month only)
  • Swim video analysis 1:1 in pool on the (1st month only)
  • DorsaVi Wireless Sensor technology Run analysis and Run Test, (1st month only)
  • 1 x 75min 1:1 session with Tri coach on specific discipline (Monthly)
  • Free to join occasional training with affiliated team and tri club
  • Bike FTP test or Zone setting every 6-8 weks
  • Bike FTP follow-up testing every 6-8 weeks
  • Individualized bi-monthly plan upload via Training Peaks
  • 2x month plan modification
  • Basic nutritional consultation geared towards sports performance and racing
  • Weekly email/text message

III. Athlete Recovery Session/Sports Therapy (Call for pricing)


  • Sports Therapy
  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Manual Therapy (Soft Tissue Massage, IASTM, Joint mobilization and Stretching)
  • Modalities (Electrical Stimulation, Laser Treatment, Mechanical
  • Traction, Vaso pneumatic massage using NORMATEC or Air Relax)
  • Corrective Taping
  • Thermal Agents (Moist Heating Pad or Cold Compress for inflammation

(Call us for more pricing information)

IV. Strength and Conditioning

Triathlon F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) is a 60 minute1:1 session with our Coach/Fitness Instructor targeting: Core, Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity strengthening and mobility with emphasis in injury prevention regimen catered to endurance athlete (Triathlon, Runners, Swimmers, Cyclist).

V. Nutrition and Weight Management (Call for pricing)

Take Your Physical Health to the next level! We use the product YOLI, Better Body System to promote optimal health and healthy and weight management. Our product mission is to “transform lives” and we are excited to helo you transform yours! For more information or to set up a in person demo session, please give us a call!

VI. Sport Lab Testing

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