“Thank you Nori for teaching me that I am an athlete, I am a competitor, I am mentally strong, and with hard work and dedication ANYTHING is possible!”

A true highlight of my life was training for a a full Ironman and then having the best race of my life. There is no way this could have been possible without Optimum Multisports. With no background in swimming, cycling, or running my personal coach Nori took me from someone who could not run a full mile to an completing an Ironman without needing to stop once for the last 26.2 miles of my race.

Nori understood my goals, which included time for my family and made sure my training plan set me up for success. I was treated me like a professional athlete and Nori actions showed that he was committed to my success and happiness. Thank you Nori for being my sherpa for this special time in my life. You made be a better person and gave me a level of physical and mental confidences that I will have for the rest of my life.

William Young

“Nori literally molded me into a competitive age group Triathlete. In our first sessions I was falling over on the bike and could barely swim a few laps. Now I am an All World Athlete with a growing number of division podium finishes under my belt. My original goal was just to finish a full ironman under the cut off time! His confidence in me often surpassed my own and his coaching has been absolutely instrumental!”


“After an injury from a mud run my orthopedic surgeon gave me limits to me athletic activities. Mainly running due to a compromised joint surface that cannot heal and only degrade with use. My running aspirations were limited and I was referred to Noriel specifically for rehabilitation and possibly run coaching. He coached me in a modified running technique that would reduce impact to my ankle and gave me a customized workout plan to complete my first Half Ironman (Vineman) 70.3 while working full time. With this plan I was not only able to complete the Vineman I was able to complete it with little recovery time due to my body being conditioned so well from the plan Noriel made me. My first half Ironman, but not my last, was completed while feeling great.”


Coach Noriel is a very dedicated coach that really works with his athletes. He always asks how I am and takes that into consideration for our workouts when I’m not feeling well. I’m so grateful to be able to have him as my coach, especially how he’s led me to Ohio Nationals and many other special events for me. Coach Noriel really pushes me to work harder and has inspired me to reach for my goals. I hope I’m able to work with him until the end of my triathlon career.

EMMA BERTEL, USAT Youth Elite Triathlete

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